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Lost Car Keys Brighton

Lost Car Keys Brighton

From time to time, misplacing your car keys is very common. Once in a while you may not trace your keys for good and end up in very stressful moment. Replacing your car keys nowadays can be very expensive, and you may have to wait for up to 10 days to collect your Replacement Keys.

Why the High Cost of Replacing Lost Keys
Previously before the use of computer technology in automotive, replacing any lost car key was a quick, easy and cheap, since you only needed to contact your local dealership and provide your vehicle VIN number and before long you could collect your keys for as little as £20 or so. Though this was cheap and fast for the car owner, it was as easy for any thief to obtain a copy of your vehicle keys and steal your car or any valuable items locked in the car. In the middle 1990s, car makers started replacing the old car keys with chip keys to enhance your car safety and reduce cases of car theft. The chip keys features an electronic micro-chip, which is programmed to your car so that your car will only accept a key with a recognizable chip. Replacing modern car keys involves a costly transponder chip technology and programming services and your local dealer could charge up to £200 to replace any lost or stolen vehicle key. This cost could even be higher depending on your car make and model. Beside the high cost, you have to wait between 5 and 10 days to collect your replacement keys. Lost Keys Brighton is here to make your life easy.

Affordable Lost Keys Replacement Services
We can easily cut you a new car key using your vehicle VIN number and then program your car to accept this new key. If you have lost any vehicle key or they have been stolen, we are experts in replacing lost/ stolen car keys for all car makes and models. Whether it is a lorry, van, bus, motorbike or even caravan, we are here to help you at any time. We know you need your car keys immediately, so we offer any vehicle key replacement instantly and you don’t have to wait for days – not even hours. Both replacement of the lost keys and programming services you will only have to pay for a fraction of the cost charged by your local car dealership. We also save you the cost of coming to us, we already have technicians in the field with all the necessary tools and materials and they will come to you without delay. You only need to call us and you will be connected with a team of key replacement experts near you.

Whenever you call, whether it is late in the night, early in the morning or during the day, we will respond instantly and we will never charge you extra charges for emergency services. We are dedicated to help you in case of any lost or stolen keys and we are able to help on spot.

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