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ransponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Brighton

Computer technology has transformed every sector in the world economy and the automobile industry is not an exception in this massive transition. In the 1990s, automakers began to use the transponder chip technology to improve their car security to minimize cases of car theft. Before then your vehicle keys used to be only a metal blade with a wide flat handle. Though the traditional car keys were uniquely made for a particular car, they were easy and faster to copy and use on your car. With the shift to the transponder chip keys, you not only need a copy of your keys but the keys also need to be programmed to your vehicle for it to function. This makes it hard for any person to have a copy of your car keys without your knowledge and authority.

What Is A Transponder Vehicle Key?
Every new car bought after mid 1990s comes with a transponder key. This is a car key with an embedded micro-chip (computer chip), which is programmed to your particular car. This means that unless your vehicle recognizes the chip in the key, the key cannot open or start your car. Only the correct key (programmed to your car) can be used to access or start your car, hence your car and the stuff locked inside are safe as long as you have your car keys safe. All car manufacturers; Audi, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Citroen, Ford, Daewoo, Hyundai, Honda and Volvo among others has embraced this technology though the transponder keys may be different from one make and model to the other.

 The transponder technology however came with challenges, especially when you have lost your broken your electronic car keys. There are only handful local locksmiths, who have the skills and tools to replace and program the new transponder key for your car, and replacement from your car dealership may cost you over 100 dollars. Also you will have to wait for days to get the lost or Broken Keys replaced. This is way too high and inconveniencing compared to replacing any tradition (regular) car keys. Fortunately there are some locksmiths, who have kept par with this technology and can offer dependable transponder key replacement and programming for less and on the same day. If you are in the following regions in the Brighton area, Transponder Programming Brighton offers instant and affordable electronic key replacement and programming services 24/7.

  • Worthing.
  • Burgess Hill.
  • Portside.
  • Shoreham by Sea.
  • Newhaven.

Transponder Key Replacement
If you have lost your car keys, your keys have been stolen or broken, our technicians will cut a new key and program it to your car, so that it can be used to access or start the car. You may have already bought a replacement key from your car dealership or a trusted aftermarket vendor. Call us and we will send technicians with latest programming software and equipment to help you out. We don’t take advantage of being the only trusted car key programmers in the region. Our charges are way too low compared to any other locksmith or local dealers. 

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